Access to on-line personal report

Users signed up to ACCESS YOUR PERSONAL REPORT may have a reseved area for:

Viewing your personal information.

Viewing the statement of your debit position.

Checking the next payments deadline.

Paying notices, payment reminders, fiscal injunctions ("Avvisi" , "Solleciti", "Ingiunzioni fiscali").

Send comunications/mail ad documentation directly to Sorit.

To sign up you can click on ACCESS YOUR PERSONAL REPORT and use the temporary password you can find on the documents we sent to you.

In caso of a loss you can always ask for a new temporary password by clicking on ACCESS YOUR PERSONAL REPORT.


Log on to "WWW.SORIT.IT" an digit your date

UserID: ABC DEF 99G99 H999I (Fiscal Code = "Codice Fiscale")

Password: 12345678 (temporary) 

(Password must be changed after the frst login)

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