About us

SORIT Società Servizi e Riscossioni Italia S.p.A., briefly named SORIT S.p.A. comes from a company split, done by SO.RI.T. Ravenna S.p.A., that was a concessionaire of the national service for taxes collection in Ravenna province, pursuant to art. 3, paragraph 24, of the D.L. n. 203/2005, converted by Law no. 248, which reformed taxes collection system in Italy.

To SORIT S.p.A., that was the company that benefited of the company split, has been transferred ex lege from the splitted company the business branch organized for activities of collection, liquidation, assessment, redemption and any other collection activities, including litigation, of taxes, including any fines (sanzioni) issued for any reason, by local authorities and eventualy by other public autorities, by local public services companies, including art . 52 of Legislative Decree no. 446, as well as other private or public companies.

SORIT S.p.A. currently has a fully paid capital of € 10,037,610.00, and it is totally owned by La Cassa di Ravenna S.p.A. 


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