Ethical Code

SORIT S.p.A. Board of Directors decided to fully accept the "Group Ethical Code (Codice Etico)" issued by La Cassa di Ravenna S.p.A., which details the etichal principles that Corporate Executives and Employees and external Providers of SORIT S.p.A. and La Cassa di Ravenna S.p.A. Group must follow. This decision was taken both in the light of the increased warnings from Authorities to act and behave with fairness and loyalty in dealing with the Community and the start of Decreto Legislativo n. 231/01 on the "Responsabilità amministrativa delle Persone Giuridiche", that imposes the adoption and implementation of Organizational Models (Modelli Organizzativi) aimed at the prevention of illegal activities and crimes, as described into the Decreto Legislativo n. 231/01.

Download full version of Ethical Code (Codice Etico)

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